Thursday, 30 June 2011


DARK CIRCLES are dark blemishes around the eyes. There are many causes of this symptom, including heredity and bruising.

Causes of dark circles under eyes:
Age, Over exposure to sun, Lack of sleep, Lack of nutrients, Allergies, Eczema, Asthma, Hereditary, Fatigue, Chronic diseases, Pregnancy, Menstruation       

Treatments and Home Remedies:

  • Close your eyes and cover your eyelids with slices of raw potato or cucumber for 15-20 minutes. Wash with warm water and apply a cream.
  • Massaging eyes with almond oil is of great help. Massage at bed time daily, and in two weeks you will see the difference.
  • Dark circles can be removed by doing pranayam daily for at least five minutes.
  • Dip cotton balls in rose water and keep for 5-10 minutes.
  • Drink as much water as you can drink.
  • Dip cotton balls in chilled water and keep for 5-10 minutes on the eyes.
  • Take a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid reading late at night, lying down
  • Every morning, after washing your face, gently apply mixture of equal parts of tomato and lime juice; wash after half an hour.
  • Apply crushed mint around the eye.
  • Alternate hot and cold compresses under your eyes for 10 minutes. Then apply a teaspoon of almond oil mixed with half teaspoon of lime juice on the dark surface every night before going to bed.
  • For cooling effect to eyes paste of the herb nutmeg (Jaiphala) made with milk may be applied all around the eyes and over the eyelids. It will remove dark circles under eyes.

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