Monday, 18 July 2011


FEVER refers to a condition of the body in which the temperature goes beyond the normal. It is also characterized by disturbance in the normal functioning of the system. It is a common ailment which occurs both in children and adults. The average temperature of a healthy body ranges between 36.9 degree C and 37.5 degree C, or 98.4 Degree F and 99.5 Degree F. It is liable to marginal variations, depending on the intake of food, the amount of exercise, and the temperature surrounding the atmosphere.Following are some useful Home Remedies to cure Fever.


  •  Take 10 grams (one-tablespoon) raisins and 10 grams (one tablespoon) fresh ginger. Crush and put in some water for one hour. Boil this decoction till the water reduces to 50 ml. Strain and drink while warm.
  •  Holy Basil(Tulsi) is another equally effective home remedy for fever. You can boil it in 2 cups of water and drink it. You can add some honey when boiling it.
  • A tea made from fenugreek seeds is equal in value to quinine in reducing fevers. This tea should be taken twice daily. 
  •  Drinking Ginger tea will help.
  •  Mix a pinch of Turmeric in a glass of warm Milk and drink.
  • Bittergourd is also helpful in bringing down temperature.
  • A cup of fresh juice of apricots mixed with one teaspoon of glucose or honey is a very cooling drink during fevers. 
  •  Make some Mint Tea and drink. It will help in relieving fever.

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  1. The info which you had given on the home remedies for the prevention of Fever was very nice and also it may helpful to follow for procuring the best result naturally in curing, Thanks you.