Friday, 8 July 2011


In obesity, there is an increase in the size and the number of fat cells throughout the body. This causes a buildup of excess body fat. 

One of the places where this excess body fat can most easily be seen is around the waistline. A waist measurement of 40 inches or more in men and 35 inches or more in women is linked to an increased risk for heart disease and other health problems associated with obesity. 

Although Obesity has no specific symptoms, it contributes to other major health problems.

Home remedies for Obesity:

  • Drinking green tea will help you with losing your body fat. You can even drink ginger tea, as ginger will help your digestive tract to speed up the digestion process.
  • Having vegetable soup as your dinner for three months will surely make you lose a lot of weight.
  • Eat only papaya without fail for three months as your dinner. This will also make you loose lot of body fat.
  •  Take a glass of carrot juice after the walk.
  •  Include tomato, cabbage, lime juice, honey and mint in your daily intake of food.
  •  Avoid milk products like ice cream, butter, cheese, etc. Avoid alcohol.
  • Make a paste with half-teaspoon honey and half teaspoon basil leaves. Put this paste in one glass of luke warm water and drink it. This helps to control the obesity.
  • Taking ginger paste mixed with honey will also act as a obesity control mixture.
  • Eat tomatoes first thing in the morning; it will help to control the body cholesterol levels.
  • The combination of amalaki, bibbitaki and haritaki is Trifala, which is believed to be of great effect over obesity problems.
  • Cabbage is also believed to be a very good vegetable for those who are overweight. Take cabbage salads as your meals and stay fit and slim.
  • But in any case never skip your meal. This will not take you anywhere instead will create many other health problems.
  • A mixture of ragi is helpful in decreasing the constant desire to eat, thus, reducing the daily calorie intake.
  • Chew a thin slice of fresh ginger root a few minutes before meals. Or grate a little ginger, mix with some lemon juice and salt, and eat a pinch or two.
  • Finger millet is an ideal food for the obese, because its digestion is slow and due to this, the carbohydrates take a longer time to get absorbed.
  • Make a mixture of 1/4th teaspoon powdered black pepper, 3 teaspoon lime juice and 1 teaspoon honey in a cup of water. Drinking this for 3-4 months can be helpful for the obese people.


  1. Now-a-days the obesity is also a hereditary in occurring. Thanks for sharing the home remedies for the obesity which must to know and makes to control thoroughly.

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